Frequently Asked Questions

Why would a patient use a Private GP?

Most people who live in the UK are covered by the National Health Service and should continue to be registered with a local General Practitioner.  A lot of my patients have families in the area and a lot of it comes down to peace of mind and comfort.  Maybe one of the partners works away and to have a service with 24 hour care is ideal for them.  Continuity of care, longer appointments, better access and times to suit themselves is important alongside the feeling that we are indeed a family doctor as opposed to locums who work at many practices.

Trust is a major concern for families and to have a GP with a full understanding and knowledge of the family history is very much at the forefront of patient’s minds.  We are here to help and assist in any way we can.

Our services are thorough at the practice and we not only treat general illnesses and issues but provide a full list of health checks and solutions to most problems.  Once again, it’s all about the prevention of problems as opposed to the treatment, if possible.

Is it easy to register with you?

Very  easy.  As part of the registration we would need to know about the medical history of you and your family.  This is absolutely necessary to deal with any concerns you may have and make the correct diagnosis.

You can either download the form from our website and bring it with you on your first appointment, or alternatively we can post a hard copy to you if this is more suitable.

The initial consultation which includes your registration will take no longer than an hour.

Can I still be registered with my NHS GP?

Yes absolutely, we actively encourage you to stay with your NHS GP.  In no way does seeing a Private GP infringe on your relationship with your regular GP.  Our services here are to provide you with further peace of mind for you and your family.

If you need to give me a Prescription, do I have to pay for this at the Pharmacist?

Yes, I will issue the prescription for you which you take to your Pharmacist.

What is unique about your service in relation to many other Private GPs?

We have started a new Premier Service which allows patients to register with us and continue their care for an annual fee that covers the entire family.  As part of the service we include free telephone and email consultations, a priority call service, appointment times to suit your needs with a full 24 hour GP service all for a yearly subscription.

Can you refer me onto a Clinical Specialist?

Referring patients for further specialist consultations and treatments is part of the core service we provide.  It is very important to find the correct specialist for each individual, a specialist who is clinically skilled and will be able to give a diagnosis.  I only work with specialists who I have knowledge of and who are at the top of their field.

How do telephone and email consultations work?

Telephone consultations are a very important part of the practice.  Often we receive calls from patients who may be worried about a condition but don’t know whether it is worth a visit to the clinic.  It’s all about peace of mind and is especially useful in this area as sometimes the great British weather is not on our side and its tricky to make the journey.  They are also useful for long term illnesses or for advice on continued recovery.  Having a doctor at the end of a phone is a major part of our service.

Email consultations are very similar, perhaps used more for quick questions and advice.  We are happy to converse with our patients in whatever way they prefer.

Are health checks something you would recommend?

It is important to have an annual health check if you are over the age of 40.  Under 40 years every two years is recommended.  The benefits of having a series of routine tests just keeps a watchful eye on your important health indicators, like blood pressure, full blood tests, urinalysis and an opportunity to sit down and talk about ‘how you feel’.  The economic climate has presented many of my patients with a range of concerns including stress and tiredness because of worrying about their business performance.

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Victory House, The Sidings, Whalley, Lancashire BB7 9SE

We have been seeing Dr. Mary as our family doctor for some time now. I feel I can go to her with any problem and I’m immediately reassured and in the best hands.

- Thornton in Craven

I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Mary who has been there for me for 16 years. She has helped me through so many situations.

- Read

We have used this service now for a number of years and have found it to be very pleasant and efficient especially for routine screening appointments.

- Read

I am a company director of a family firm in Clitheroe and we all visit Dr. Mary for our regular company health checks and have done so for many years.

- Clitheroe

She is a wonderful family doctor both diagnostically and empathetically.

- Ribble Valley

I have been a patient of Dr. Adams for the past 2 years and it has been a fantastic experience.

- Bolton

Victory House, The Sidings, Whalley,
Lancashire BB7 9SE

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